What is hosted telephony?

Hosted VoIP? Telephony? Phone System?


There are lots of names for it, but what is it?

Hosted Telephony is business quality voice delivered over the internet that can connect any user on virtually any device, and it can be delivered for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office-based PBX.

You effectively use a phone system that is in the cloud, accessible by any of your users with an internet connection. This means the service is not tied to an office; one solution supports all users regardless of their location with calls between them being internal free calls.

VoIP offers unrivalled flexibility, with users able to choose from a physical handset, a softphone, or an app on their smartphone or tablet.

Hosted Telephony – a taste of what’s on offer

Because we work with you to select the system that best meets the needs off your business and your teams lists of capabilities is not what we are about; we see these as simply tools to enable business brilliance for our customers.

However, for those who like a list and want to see the tools we provide, here are just some of the highlights:

Reliable Platform – the peace of mind that your telephony service is being delivered from a highly resilient, enterprise-grade platform with no single point of failure.

Configuration Portal – An intuitive management interface, accessible securely from any location providing you full control over your business telephony.

VoIP Handsets – A wide range of choice across multiple manufacturers on the handsets you provide to different types of users.

SoftPhones – the ability to integrate voice into the PC with a softphone application delivering additional capabilities such as click-to-call.

Mobile Integration – the ability for mobile workers to remain connected through using their mobile as a connected device to your corporate telephony.

Auto-Attendant & IVR – enabling you to improve the way calls into your business are handled with announcements and intuitive self-service options.

Call Recording – enabling you to record some or all of the calls in your business for training, quality management or compliance.

Voice Mail – ability to provide every user and/or department with voice mail boxes and alerts accessible from any location.

Management Information – detailed reporting and analytics on phone usage across your complete business enabling the alignment of cost to value.

Business Continuity – the inherent value of having a solution that is not tied to a location and the ability to quickly reroute calls and move users if disaster strikes.

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