Hosted VoIP: Your Guide To Next-generation Telephony


Hosted VoIP, Your guide to next-generation telephony

What does the future of hosted telephony look like? What should you expect?

Find out what to expect from leading hosted telephony technology

Hosted IP Telephony (VoIP) provides the telephone system functionality required by the business without having to have a PBX on-site. The intelligence is hosted within your host’s network on carrier grade IP voice platforms and is delivered to your users via their IP network.

VoIP uses IP rather than analogue or ISDN lines. This means that a single IP network can be used for both your telephony requirements and your data / internet requirements as part of a converged network.

Hosted telephony can provide businesses with a wide range of benefits. Although 75% of organisations initially adopt VoIP because of the cost savings it offers, the corresponding improvements in functionality, flexibility and customer service cannot be ignored.

This white paper steps you through everything you need to know about hosted VoIP including, its origins, the benefits it delivers, the business challenges it addresses, the cost savings it offers and some of the features and functionality that it provides.

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