The Remote Worker’s Toolkit

In today’s ever changing workplace the case for remote and mobile workers is hard to ignore for forward thinking organisations. Rising cost and time of travel, increasing skill gaps and expensive office space are just some of the reasons why home-working should be seriously considered. So, what are the pro’s and con’s of remote working? We thought we would share the facts, the perceived benefits and how you can realise the true value from remote

The Facts

4.2million people regularly work from home in the UK.

91% of UK businesses have at least one remote worker

1 in 5 Managers work from home

The Value

What is behind this growing trend for home-working and why are so many organisations embracing the idea?


30% of home workers said they achieved more in less time


65% of managers saw an increase in overall productivity


80% of home workers report higher morale


87% of remote workers feel more connected with their colleagues


69% of home workers report lower absenteesim


50% lower staff attrition rate among home workers


Remote working is seen as a major contributor to reducing a company’s carbon footprint


68% of millennials say the ability to work from home would influence their choice of employer

Equipping Home & Remote Workers

To realise all of the benefits of having a flexible workforce that can productively work at home or on the move, you need to equip them with the right tools.

The Basic Toolkit

Secure Internet Access – whether this be home broadband or mobile data, you need it to be easy for your people to connect to your network with secure VPN/authenticated access.

Remote File Share – with services like Dropbox, Soonr and OneDrive enabling the sharing of files and content between trusted users and enabling your people to work from any device.

Business Telephony – connecting remote workers and controlling costs through your IP Telephony with either connected handsets, softphones or mobile apps.

Office 365 – providing access to email and MS Office Suite from any device in any location, delivering the office to your people from the cloud.

The Advanced Toolkit

Skype For Business – ideal tools to enable remote workers to collaborate, presence enables you to see who is logged in and available, Instant Messaging enables people to remain connected and collaboration is enhanced with video and desktop sharing.

Software Virtualisation – enables you with technologies such as Citrix and VMware to deliver most Windows Server based business applications securely to any device. By virtualising these applications on cloud servers creates a highly resilient environment with inherent DR.

Software-as-a-Service – in the same way as Office 365 is delivered as a service from the cloud, many of the other software vendors are providing their applications in a similar manner. This enables for you to benefit from centrally managed and resilient software accessible from any location.

The Professional Toolkit

Analytics Software – enables you to analyse the work of your remote people. Call monitoring, desktop monitoring and network usage all provide a complete picture of the activity of remote workers and enables you to identify people or technology issues.

Hosted Desktop – enables you to detach the user’s environment from device. Their desktop remains securely hosted in your environment with the ability to access this from any device in any location without the need to download sensitive information locally.

CRM Integration – with modern business driven by the CRM making this part of your home workers environment is key. It is not just access to the application, but integration into telephony and email enables your people to be closer to customers and highly productive.

How Do We Know This?

Because we have years of experience of helping our customers create environments that help their remote and home workers to be highly productive. We recognise that no two business are the same and work with you to fully understand how you and your people work and then help you to put in place the steps to improve your environment, connect your people and deliver for your customers.

If you want to discuss what is possible, or explore what we have done for others, then we would love to hear from you. You can contact the IP Solutions team on 0800 440 2642.

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