Another day, another strike. Perhaps you dodged a bullet by escaping today’s planned tube strikes, perhaps you’re at Heathrow waiting for a cabin-crew strike delayed flight to Glasgow. Either way, these strikes hurt.  But of course they do, there would be no point otherwise.  From a business perspective, they hurt. […]

Why your response to strike days could make you a ...

Hosted VoIP? Telephony? Phone System?   There are lots of names for it, but what is it? Hosted Telephony is business quality voice delivered over the internet that can connect any user on virtually any device, and it can be delivered for a fraction of the cost of a traditional […]

What is hosted telephony?

Introduction Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that allows us to make telephone calls using the internet. Also known as IP Telephony, Internet Telephony or Digital Telephony, voice is converted into data packets and transmitted using your IP network. A History Of VoIP As we enter 2015, VoIP […]

Hosted VoIP your guide to next-generation telephony

The Benefits Of Unified Communications Adopting a UC solution can provide wide-ranging benefits to any business; not just in terms of user experience, but also from an IT perspective. Collaboration One of the major benefits of UC is the ability for remote and mobile workers to work collaboratively with their […]

Understanding the benefits of UC and Hosted VoIP

Hosted telephony and business continuity – five killer questions. They say that what goes up must come down; the questions here are how long before it is back up again, what do we do in the meantime and how can we stop it going down in the first place? We […]

Five killer questions on business continuity

The secret to the successful introduction of new technology is not to be found in the ease of implementation, but the rate of user adoption. It doesn’t matter how good the technology is on paper, or how smooth the installation went. If nobody is using it, or they are using […]

The insider secrets of hosted telephony adoption

In today’s ever changing workplace the case for remote and mobile workers is hard to ignore for forward thinking organisations. Rising cost and time of travel, increasing skill gaps and expensive office space are just some of the reasons why home-working should be seriously considered. So, what are the pro’s […]

The Remote Worker’s Toolkit

You have decided to make the move to Hosted Telephony, a smart move. However, you now face the challenge of selecting the right partner to deliver this for you. Whether you are migrating from premise-based telephony, or looking to upgrade from your existing hosted telephony provider there is one thing […]

Essential questions for your Hosted Telephony RFP

As a member of a technical support desk that maintain telephony equipment, I find myself on the phone a lot of the time. Also as someone who dislikes the idea of Repetitive Strain Injury (or any injury for that matter) I use a headset instead of the receiver on my […]

Headset Review: Plantronics CS Series vs. Jabra Evolve 65